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Welcome to UNRAVELED, a space for undergraduates and young professionals just trying to #FigureItOut after graduating from college. UNRAVELED is a resource site dedicated to helping undergraduates and young professionals be better prepared to face the working world. On this site, you’ll receive insights and tools to make you better equipped on how to approach and navigate the workforce. 

We go beyond providing work advice while you’re on the job. Rather, we dive into self-related topics like #purpose, #fulfillment, work/life balance, and #pay. At UNRAVELED, we’re concerned with you and want the best for you. We hope our resources will enable you to flourish in any work environment but most importantly the work environment you want for yourself. Our site is centered on your personal and professional development. 

Take a look at what we’ve got to offer and let us know what you think. We’d love for you  to discuss your thoughts with us. Email us at jacqueline@sheunraveled.com.