Behind Unraveled

Hey! I'm Jacqueline Luciano, the founder of UNRAVELED. 

I began UNRAVELED after an aha moment a few years after graduating from college. Despite going to an acclaimed college in the Northeast, graduating with honors, and having many internships, I realized there were many things I was unprepared for in the real world. I created UNRAVELED to serve as a house of resources for undergraduates and young professionals to leverage before heading out into the real world. The goal of UNRAVELED is to provide undergraduate students and young professionals with a platform to learn what to prepare for the workforce  and ask questions on how to prepare for the road ahead of them.


I've learned there is so much more to figure out that goes beyond sitting in a classroom. There are things you need to assess about yourself, your skill-set, and what you want in life to make you feel most successful about what you're doing. 

With that came the birth of UNRAVELED - a place for undergraduates and young professionals to start this process earlier than I did.

I intend for this site to provide advice and insights on how to navigate through life after college, and I hope to inspire reads to use the information on this site to make them be most successful in their work. 

Now, let's get to know each other - DM me on Instagram, tweet me on Twitter, or send me a message on LinkedIn.