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My Recap of Mogul X 2019

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Mogul X conference in New York City. For reference, Mogul X is organized and executed by Mogul, an online platform providing individuals with tools to achieve their greatest potential. The conference was jam packed with classes structured by topic (hustle, finance, relationships, travel, and health & wellness), sessions with counselors, who are experts in their fields (i.e., executive coaches, lawyers, nutritionists, etc.), as well as other networking opportunities. In addition to all of that, you got some really cool swag including a Mogul backpack and a copy of the Girl Mogul book, which I’m very excited to read.

For some background, I started following #Mogul in the beginning of May after reading You Are A Mogul by Mogul’s CEO, Tiffany Pham. One day, I was in a local bookstore perusing through the “entrepreneurial/leadership section,” and I came across this bright yellow book, which had in big black and pink letters, “YOU ARE A MOGUL.” I thought the design of the book’s cover was very appealing (such a sucker for good branding), so I picked it up and flipped through some of the pages and then looked at the acclamations on the back. The first acclamation stood out boldly. It was from the entrepreneur of entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuck, who I’m a big fan of, stating this book is a tool is to help any entrepreneur with their hustle. I thought well if he’s recommending the book, I must read it, so I picked up my copy of the book and began reading it.

What I really took out of the book was how hard Tiffany works to get to where she is today. There were times when she’d come home after dinner with a colleague and work on her side hustles like producing movies, or teaching herself how to code, or creating Mogul until the Wii hours of the night. Tiffany is no stranger to working long hours to produce really great work. While working very hard, she also works extremely smart. For instance, Tiffany is very diligent in her schedule and sticks to the time she has set for certain activities in her schedule. She works in advance of when items are due and sets the time accordingly. Tiffany also spends as much time on her work, as she feels is needed to be completely prepared. She's a fantastic role model for women, and her work is a testament that anything is possible!

After finishing “You Are A Mogul,” I started following Mogul and Tiffany Pham on social media to keep up with what was posted on their accounts. The posts kept me motivated and inspired, as I began my side hustle (Unraveled, duh).

Flash-forward to early September, I kept seeing posts for Mogul X in my Instagram feed and thought to myself, “Wow, this event looks cool. I’d love to go.” On September 5, Tiffany posted to her story an image which included something along the lines of the first ten people to reach out to me will get a free sponsorship for an all-access pass to Mogul X. I didn’t think I stood a chance, but I thought what the heck. The worst that could happen was I didn't get the sponsorship. So, I responded to Tiffany anyway saying I’d be grateful for the opportunity to attend. A few hours later, I received a response from her saying I got the sponsorship. I was a bag of emotions - shocked, overjoyed, and super excited for this opportunity. I couldn’t wait to attend.

When I read up on the event tracks, I immediately knew I’d want to attend more of the hustle sessions where I’d get insights from entrepreneurs, social impact leaders, and self-starters of all backgrounds. I was also stoked for meeting and connecting with moguls from across the country. I couldn’t wait to hear their stories, share mine, collaborate, and get ideas. I think the networking opportunity was what I was most excited about.

For those who don’t know, I grew up on Staten Island (one of the boroughs in NY), but I currently live in the Boston area. So, the night before the event, I got in my car and drove down to Staten Island and geared up for the next day.

As I approached the Knockdown Center, a wide smile emerged from my face. I couldn’t have been happier for this opportunity to participate in classes and network with other incredible people across the country. I was greeted by the Mogul team, was handed my all-access pass, and got my backpack full of swag. I was ready to conquer the day.

As I said, I planned on attending the hustle classes, which I ended up doing. Given the pass I received, I was able to have a private, counseling session with one of the Mogul X counselors, so I scheduled a session with Illana Raia, founder and CEO of Être Girls - a resource and mentorship platform for girls approaching high school. We went back and forth brainstorming different ideas on how I can expand the scope of Unraveled and reach a wider audience. She offered me several ideas on how to network and market my site. I’m so thankful for being able to have that session and for Illana’s advice.

One of my favorite parts of the event (clearly there were a lot of favorites) were the side-bar conversations happening in between sessions. I was able to introduce myself to other attendees, ask them about themselves, found out about their stories, and what their passion projects were.

If you couldn’t tell by reading this post, I really enjoyed my experience at Mogul X. I highly recommend attending the event regardless of what your profession is or what you aspire your career to be. The event is a conference for anyone, who has goals and wants to reach their full potential and offers fabulous resources to do that.

Obviously, I’m looking forward to next year’s event!

A few months ago, I was speaking to one of my close friends, and she recommended I attend more events for training and networking opportunities, ideas and collaboration, and overall professional development. She couldn’t have been more right! As a young professional regardless of what your job is, it’s important to make time to focus on your professional and personal development and what YOU need to be the best person you can be. Not many people will tell you to attend events like trainings and conferences (in my case, I was lucky). You have to take the initiative to think about where you want to develop yourself and what will help you to get to where you want to go.

I leave this post with a few questions, as I want to stimulate your thinking - Where do you want to end up personally and professionally? How might you get there? What goals can you set for yourself?

You might not have answers to these questions, which is okay. I still don’t have all the answers! I do ask think deeply about what you want for yourself. We’ve got unlimited potential to achieve great things. We shouldn’t limit ourselves.

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